Taking a Look at Edith Cavell

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Her father, Frederick Cavell, was a Church of England vicar there. Even though her family was quite poor, Edith had a good childhood memory playing with her father, brothers and sisters. At her young age, she was taught to share what she had with others. The family Sunday lunch was always divided in half to give for the poor villagers. Edith and her mother also liked to visit the poor and she became a Sunday School teacher and Godmother to some of the poorer children in her hometown.
Her interest in caring for others and belief in humanity influenced her to become a fun, smiling and kind governess, looking after the young children in New England. Then, Edith decided to travel for a few weeks in Austria and Bavaria where she came across a free hospital, run by a Dr. Wolfenberg. She was so impressed by it that she donated some of her money to keep it up. That also helped her interest in nursing aroused. When Edith returned to Swardeston to nurse her sick father, what she experienced really convinced her to follow the nursing career in 1896.
It was interesting to know that even though nursing was a very old and necessary occupation, it was not considered as a proper profession until the mid 19th century. It is because from medieval times, the main source of nurses was the nuns but they were never trained professionally. At the time Edith pursuing her career, the nursing work was very hard. The hours were as long as from…

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