Taking a Look at Educational Debt

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Revival Financial aid is helping students all over the world attend college to seek the education for the job of their dreams. This financial relief can be the difference between a student being able to go to college or to not go to college. However, there is often not enough rising awareness on the negative effects student debt can have on a person, and how they can effect a student’s career choice. Students are searching everywhere for a revival from student debt. If there were only one solution for student debt, I wouldn’t be writing this because it would probably already have been resolved. There are multiple different problems students endure from debt which varies from student to student, and many solutions have been proposed yet never have been met. The most obvious, surfaced problem with student debt is the massive quantity of debt. The new milestone of the United States student debt is 1.2 trillion dollars which the US is still continuing to cross. From 2008 to 2012 debt have increased 6% each year. An even closer look, individually students have an average of 29,400 dollars per borrower. This data is staggering and completely unbelievable. These students are defaulting on their debt and threatening their ability to access their future credit. There are many things that could be done to improve the government-run student-lending process that is there to help out every misled student trying to find higher education at colleges that will fit them well. In an

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