Taking a Look at Educational Psychology

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This course has taught me many new things about teaching. I have gained knowledge about topics such as moral education, expertise, decision-making, and classroom management, just to name a few. Through the reading and portfolio essays, my desire to teach has strengthened throughout the semester. Because of this course, I now have a better understanding of the educational and psychological needs my future students, as well as myself, will have and how to meet them. The portfolio essays that I have completed throughout this course have taught me several things. Each week, the essay reviewed and allowed me to think more in depth about the content in the chapter. I was forced to think critically about each topic and even occasionally do further research in order to write the essay. An example of this, and also one of my favorite portfolio essays, was the essay from Chapter 7. I chose to write the portfolio essay on the television show Sesame Street. I greatly enjoyed writing this essay, as it was very interesting to watch an episode of Sesame Street while analyzing it for educational material. Writing this essay opened my eyes to many educational opportunities outside of school that I can utilize in my future classroom. The portfolio essay from Chapter 14 allowed me to ponder the relationship between teacher and student. This is an area in which I have slight concern. I fear that as a teacher I will be too nice and possibly overstep my boundaries or under-estimate my
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