Taking a Look at Electric Vehicles

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They are also cheaper than gas vehicles and better for the environment!
Body paragraphs: Charging stations can be installed in a location where there is a regular 120V outlet or a 240V outlet. The average electric vehicle charger is designed to be powered by a dedicated 240V outlet for just charging that vehicle. The charger that can plug into either a 120V or 240v is called the Turbocord, it is small and compact. This is the type of charger a person that travels a lot and knows they would not be able to access a 240V outlet. This charger is designed to work with either 120V or 240V, every place that has electricity has an 120V outlet. EV states ”TurboCord is the next generation of plug-in EV chargers. It’s ultra-compact size provides you the flexibility and freedom to take it anywhere. Just plug it directly into an outlet and charge at home, work or play. The Dual version works with both a 120 volt standard outlet and a 240 volt outlet for charging nearly 3 times faster than your Level 1 cordset.” Now with these electric vehicles and how the technology is improving every day the charging time is getting cut down, some vehicles take up to 23 hours to fully charge. EV chargers can cut that time down to 6.3 hours which is a huge drop. EV’s newest charger, the Turbocord is opening opportunities for the owners of these electric vehicles. This new style of a charger…
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