Taking a Look at Embraer

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Perform a brief SWOT analysis of Embraer.

A SWOT analysis is a structured planning method used in order to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved in a project as well as in a business venture. Strength (S)
The Embraer was created in1969 by a military government. It hold several strengths in manners that it strategically placed as well as being advantageous in having smaller and less costly jets, not forgotten their structure of production that plays a role in being competitively advantageous. It was located in San Jose dos Campos in Sao Paulo or simply known as “Technology Valley”, consisting of industrial cluster in aerospace telecommunication, auto mobile and petroleum sector. It was what that gave Embraer distinctive competency areas to run their R&D, design, product development, system integration, and assembly as well as technical assistance in aircraft manufacturing.

Aside from having a strategic place, Embraer holds a competitive advantage by having jets which are smaller in size and are less costly. By introducing a 35-seat ERJ 135 and 50-seat ERJ 145, Embraer was able to meet increasing demand for jets that replaces their turboprop model. The production structure is also one of the mentioned strengths. Their network consists of three levels by which risk partners or strategic partners at the first level carries most innovation and risk endeavors and operate based on a long term contract. The second level is their…

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