Taking a Look at Emera Inc.

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Emera, is company of energy and services, which has the purpose of distribute clean and renewable energy. The main focus of the company is distributing electricity; moreover, the company does not only deliver this electricity but also generates and transmits it. Finally, another important Emera`s invest is that the company also is engaged with the transmission of natural gas.

The main goal of Emera inc. is develop and provide cleaner energy on the market combining their various resources in other to get substantial results. Moreover, the company preserve high quality patterns as regards to reliable and safe business , client support and protection of the ecosystem.
Emera operates in the northeastern of North America and some Caribbean countries which make their customers the residents of these areas. In addition, some of these countries are Canada, USA, and Bahamas. Next, The top 3 competitors of the company are TransAlta Corporation, Canadian Utilities Limited and Fortis Inc.; moreover, all of these companies provide energy and services with focus on clean energy. Finally, There are several suppliers for Emera related to their resources and equipment such as fuel and turbine, and most of these suppliers are international and are exposed to a product price risk. In order to build a prosperous and sustainable environment respecting the company statements and juridical requirements, Emera show the environmental hazard in their business routine taking in consideration
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