Taking a Look at Emmanuel College

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Founded 1584 by Sir Walter Mildmay. Named after Jesus (Emmanuel). Sister College – Exeter College Oxford. Men and Women – Undergraduates 487 Postgraduates 140. Emmanuel College, affectionately referred to as Emma, only ever gives the casual passer by a brief glimpse of its gorgeous site, keeping most of its vast spaces a secret. Hidden behind the college owned houses and high walls, is a lush and green site complete with a lake containing giant fish and cherished ducks; neither ever having featured on the hall menu. There is some dispute with Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford as to who produces the most intelligent mallards in the country. The informal gardens, known as the Paddock, provide the social epicentre in the warmer weather and students are allowed to work and play on the grass. This contrasts with the formal Front Court, which is sacrosanct and only ducks and the occasional fellow are allowed to venture. The snowmen that appear, as if by magic, in the bleak mid winter nights are tolerated as long as they deliver their essays on time. Strong equal opportunities policy The college is right in the city centre next to the bus station and is home to 140 postgraduates and 487 undergraduates, in a roughly equal gender divide. Women were first admitted in 1979. Emmanuel boasts an excellent academic record, which results in around five times as many applications as there are places. It has a strong equal opportunities policy encouraging a diverse and vibrant community
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