Taking a Look at Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence: Modern organizations are confronted with demands and pressure is growing consistently cost -effective education leadership, continues to intrigue researchers and practitioners. Considerable amount of research and attention to emotional intelligence and life, personality, social interaction, teamwork, education and leadership to identify links between social satisfactions has been paid. Today increasingly complex and changing world, researcher’s emphasized need for the new management approach has. Concept of emotional intelligence has gained popularity in recent decades, however, rooted in the study of features and concepts of EI conducted during twentieth century. Previous work has contributed to success of life in which general intelligence, with exception, identified scope. However, current concepts of emotional intelligence have begun to show that it was not until 1980. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to recognize emotions, to reach and produce emotions in order to support a thought, to appreciate emotions and recognize the meanings of emotions, and thoughtfully control emotions in order to support both superior emotion and thought Emotional Intelligence is a technique of identifying, learning, and selecting how we assume, experience, and performs. It outlines our communications with others and knowing ourselves. Emotions are planned to provide guidance, to assist individuals when they came across with important situation to leave to mental
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