Taking a Look at Enbridge

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1. HEALTH & SAFETY Enbridge deals with transporting and distributing natural gas so, millions of people rely on the energy which they deliver so it's their duty and responsibility to prevent accidents, ensure safety of people and environment. They have a huge Health and Safety Environment. Their safety record is high as Health and safety is one of the core value of the organization and is tied to their objectives and it is everyone's responsibility. Enbridge is focused on ensuring the health and safety of all people, including their employees, builders and society. Their focus is on providing healthy and safe working environment for individuals. Their major motive behind is that to have no incidents. To achieve this major goal they have took following steps : • They consult publicly with their clients, representatives and partners • In order to promote responsible Health & Safety they work with their controllers, industry companions, different partners • They continuously make improvement and changes in their Health & Safety Policies Enbridge recognizes Health & Safety Management as a vital part of the organization ( Enbridge has various Health & safety Principles which helps in recognizing the health & Safety as core value of the organization o The company goal is to have zero incidents. The company believes that all injuries, accidents and occupational illness are preventable.
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