Taking a Look at Endangered Primates

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The expansion of civilization and advancement in technology has always been seen as betterment to the populations of the world. With this advancement we are finding that many more animal habitats are being threatened and often times destroyed, leading to the decline and in most severe cases the extinction of species. Among the World Wildlife Foundation’s endangered species list there are sixteen critically endangered species, three of those sixteen are gorillas. I will be addressing the condition of the Mountain Gorilla, a species that was predicted to “…be extinct by the end of the twentieth century” (WWF), but through a struggle for survival and with the intervention of man is expanding in population. I will be discussing the human factors that are causing the possible extinction of this species, future preventative steps that can be taken to protect these animals, and the importance of the protection of this species, as well as the importance of the protection of all primate species. With a population of only 880, more than half the populace of Mountain Gorillas live in the Virunga Mountains, bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda. Threats to this species caused by human actions include habitat loss, disease, and poaching. With the repercussions of the war in Rwanda and fallout of the civil war, waves of displaced people have encroached in and around the mountain areas that are home to the Gorillas. With this thrust of human populations into the
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