Taking a Look at Environmental Science

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Environmental Science is the study of how living things affect the environment. Environmental science could have an impact on society, the future, and me, but society and I have an impact on the environment based on our actions and how we treat our environment. Many people in society try to help improve the environment, but others just cause more damage to the environment. An impact we have already caused to our environment is global warming, this caused by deforestation and building factories that emit gases, which are dangerous to our atmosphere and is causing our planet to get warmer. If we destroy our atmosphere, we may not be able to rebuild it, without it there will be no oxygen for us to breath. Humans need to breathe in order to live, but without an atmosphere the human species could cease to exist. Environmental Science is the study of how living things have an impact on the environment. Some examples of environmental science could be temperature, buildings and cities. Environmental science can have an impact on society, future and us. Humans have a great impact on the environment because of the cities we have built, the factories we ran, and the kinds of gases we omit that cause the earth to get warmer and air to get dirtier. Humans and the environment have impacts on each other in many ways, for example the gas that comes out of a car’s engine is omitted to the air making it even dirtier than it already is. How does environmental have an impact on
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