Taking a Look at Euthanasia

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However, in today's society, there are deeper and more layers of meaning to euthanasia than before. There are three basic types of euthanasia: voluntary, non-voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary euthanasia concerns itself with the express wish of a mentally competent person to die through the assistance of others. Voluntary euthanasia can further be divided into two categories: passive voluntary which is the specifically requested withholding of unwanted medical treatment, and active voluntary which is the deliberate action of killing the patient at that patient's informed request. Should dying human beings be made to suffer horribly during their last days in this world before looking forward to a painful and undignified death when they wish it to be otherwise? The answer is no. As such, voluntary euthanasia should be legalized for terminally ill patients. For many people, euthanasia is a preferable option to dependence and unbearable suffering. The results of a 1994 Morgan Poll in Australia showed that 78% of Australians agreed to voluntary euthanasia for patients with fatal diseases or were injured beyond recovery. A study was conducted on patients' assessment of states worse than death by Robert Pearlman, a physician specializing in geriatric care at the Seattle Veterans Health Center. In-depth interviews were held with 56 adults suffering from cancer, AIDS,…

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