Taking a Look at Extreme Couponing

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The average American spends $151 a week on groceries; adding up to $604 a month which is taken out of the hard earned pay check of the household. It is not a mystery why shoppers would want to use coupons to attempt to bring down this cost. Efficient shoppers understand the value of spending the time to meticulously plan each trip to the grocery store to fit in as many coupons as possible. Joanie Demer quit her job in order to spend her time maximizing the benefits from couponing. When couponing, the best way to save is doubling up the coupons to utilize the voucher to its fullest extent; extreme couponers will hoard several copies of a newspaper or magazine in order to stock up on the coupons so they can double up and have enough for the …show more content…
The cut back on coupons actually helps, because the lower prices + the coupons still available = extra savings. The stock pile is the prized possession of any extreme couponer. Couponers will even build additions to their house or take over a recently occupied room in order to make space for their precious stockpile of necessary groceries. Kathryn has a stockpile worth over $30,000 and contains more than 6,000 items. Her stock pile is the proof of all the achievements she has made in the store. It shows off her ability to beat the system, get deals others wouldn’t dream of. Her stock pile is the reminder of the hours upon hours spent cutting coupons, scoping out the store ahead of time looking at the deals available, calling the store to find out the policy on coupons and how many she can use, making a game plan of all the items she wanted to buy, ordering the products that were scarce ahead of time from the distributor, and spending the time at the store actually finding and purchasing all the items. All this hard work has added together to create her a stock pile filled with an insane number of products including countless boxes of cereal, cans of soda, bottles of laundry detergent, jars of condiments, 200 boxes of pasta, 400 boxes of dryer sheets, 60 boxes of tissues, and 400 roles of paper towels which is her crowning

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