Taking a Look at FedEx

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HR Planning
Mr. Smith replaced the president and five vice-presidents who left in 1979, as well as other key executives. With managers who were comfortable with the traditional corporate organization. This opened the door for future opportunities. FedEx has been recognized for the strength of its management team, receiving several prestigious awards. Not only for their management team but its contractors as well. Each employee hired is viewed as a long term investment. The foundation of the leadership style is humane skills. Mr. Smith got his training in the military and he used his skills to train management in how to lead and motivate they are very hands on with their staff, and this trickles all the way down the line. Each employee hired is viewed as a long term investment .The company believes in promoting from within and that the best way to have successful managers is to create them, therefore employees are encouraged to seek further training.
The FedEx mission is to provide superior financial returns by providing high value-added supply chain, transportation, and business and related information services through focused operating companies competing collectively and managed collaboratively under the respected FedEx brand. The mission is carried out by a network of entities within FedEx, collaborating together for the good of the brand.
With employees plotting their own career paths, training and development is a very high priority. Retention is very high with
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