Taking a Look at Florence Nightengale

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I chose Florence Nightingale for a number of reasons one being that I happen now that theres a school named after her. So I kind of want to see why was she so famous for so a school could be named after her. An also I feel that not everyone might write about her so it could be excited to research about her. History has forgotten to remind us about all the great women that have changed the world. Like that of famed military nurse and also mathematics Florence Nightingale. The essay will contain a lot of information from where she came from.To her struggles in being a women in a time women were not seen as equals. Florence Nightingale was born on May 12 , 1820 in a city of the same name Villa Colombia in Florence , Italy. She came from a family that travel a lot and was never too long in one place. Florence was brought up in Lea Hall in Derbyshire.She lived most of the year in Embley and spent her summer months in a house they owned in Derbyshire. She was one of two children of William and Frances Nightingale. From a very young age she was interested in helping sick and poor people of the village that neighbored her family’s estate.She was almost married but chose not to go through it because she felt that she would never be morally happy and with that she also never had children. Her interest where doing a lot of nursing and helping out the sick whenever she could. An also learning even though at that time women were seen as not really in need of an education. At
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