Taking a Look at Food Allergies

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Food, food is something that we as human beings live off of. But not everybody is as fortunate as others, nowadays food allergies occur in 1 out of every 13 children. This indicates fifteen plus million people have food allergies. This epidemic poses a threat to many citizens that live with food allergies because of the incorrect labeling, distribution and safety of food products. The research provided is to show one, what food allergies are and how they affect daily life of those who live with food allergies. Food allergies are extremely important and educating people about food allergies will hopefully quick start the progress to find a cure.
Food allergies have been reported but not looked into until 1976, when the public became aware of the immune response to certain foods. The data collected showed that certain food s caused reactions in people, which provoked further research on such topics. Food allergy awareness came about in 1976 through newspapers and novels, because of reported civilians dying from ingesting food that they were allergic too. A huge propaganda movement took place worldwide to show the dangers of food allergies but was shortly subsided. The first Epi-Pen was launched and registered in the United States in 1980; this was an amazing new start because every three minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency department ("Food Allergy Facts and Statistics - FAAN").
What exactly are food allergies, food allergies are a result of the

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