Taking a Look at Frederick Banting

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In the year 1891, on the 14th of November Frederick Banting was brought onto this world in a town 60 kilometres north of Toronto called Alliston. He was the last born of five other siblings and lived in a middle class family. Frederick Banting was an average student and had a hard time in completion of high school. He decided to study arts, however he failed. Banting always dreamt of becoming a doctor and in September 1912, the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine, accepted him as a student (Nobelprize.org the official web site of Nobel Prize). Banting took a strong liking to the disease known as Diabetes. His studies and research, led him to understand that insulin has control over the metabolism of sugar in the blood (Nobelprize.org the official web site of Nobel Prize). On the night of October, 31, 1920, Banting got an idea from a medical journal. He believes that if you could extract the secretion made by the pancreas, then you can further understand and advance in the treatment of diabetes ((Library and Archives Canada). Banting made the decision of moving to the University of Toronto to reveal and discuss his idea with J.J.R. Macleod. Macleod provided an opportunity for Banting and Charles Best (his assistant), to start the work on May, 17, 1921 (Library and Archives Canada). Good timing and luck were the main factors which led the Torontonian researches to announce their discovery first. This is due to the fact that many scientists in Germany and Hungary would

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