Taking a Look at French Macarons

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French macarons, also known as ‘macarons’, are one of the most popular treats in the world. Today, it consists of a crunchy shell but chewy inside and are sandwiched between a great filling. Many countries have their own variations of a macaron, but French macarons are the most well known in the United States. Macarons have changed greatly since their origination, from their fragrances and flavors, to the beautiful colors of their shells. A macaron is a simple French cookie that has it’s many originations. The shell of the macaron has derived way back to the Renaissance, according to Dominique Michelle. Macaron shells are made of almonds, which were mainly exported from Arabic countries. The almonds were transported to Rome, then into Italy to be made into an almond paste in the early 1500’s. This paste was served as a round, dry cookie that was feasted upon in savory dishes, rather than dessert. The paste finally made it’s way to France in 1533 because of Italian wife of Henri II, Catherine de Medicis. She was born in Italy and was taught by her father the recipe of the almond paste. Supposedly, the cookie had saved her from dying of starvation. At this time, the cookie was served plain with no color or filling. Italian bakers named this delicacy a ‘macaron’. The cookie got it's name from the Italian word 'macaroni' because it was made with similar ingredients. Almond flour, an egg meringue, and sugar were the simple ingredients in the recipe to make the macaron cookies

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