Taking a Look at Fruitera

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Fruitera is a retail store selling fresh juices & smoothies in Durham. It is strategically located in the town centre on one of the busiest streets in Durham. It is walking distance not only from the train and bus stations but also from the various colleges of Durham University. Durham being a university city has a big student population, who happen to be the primary target for Fruitera. As per research (Mintel 2013), there has been a lot of emphasis on health and a healthy diet. It also states that people under the age of 35 have the highest consumption of fresh juices with 15% of them drinking fresh juices daily. Therefore seeing the demographics and the market potential Fruitera has been established to provide customers with the option of fresh juices and smoothies. The primary target market for the store are both men and women within the age group of 18 – 25 year olds, primarily the students studying at the university. It is a store for people constantly on the go, who care about the healthy and natural food. At Fruitera the menu is just not restricted to juices and smoothies but also salads and wraps. The Uniqueness of Fruitera is that it provides the customers with a choice to create their own juices to suit their preferences In the essay there will be an in-depth critical analysis and discussion regarding the store image of Fruitera and the promotional activities that will be carried out, followed by recommendations for its short and long term planning as well as

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