Taking a Look at GSM Module: SIM300

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With a minor setup of 40mm x 33mm x 2.85mm, Sim300 fits very nearly all the space necessities in provisions, for example, Smartphone, PDA telephones and other cell phones. Sim300 is incorporated with Tcp/ip convention.

The physical interface between Sim300 and the portable requisition is through a 60 pin board-to-board connector, which gives all fittings interfaces from module to client's sheets with the exception of the RF recieving wire interface. Sim300 furnishes RF radio wire interface with two elective recieving wires, i.e., reception apparatus connector and recieving wire cushion.

Sim300 is utilized to serially exchange information or send message utilizing AT (Attention Terminal) charges. These AT summons checks correspondence between different gadgets and SIM module.

Consumed (Attention Terminal Echo) charge in Sim300 is utilized to turn the reverberation ON or OFF. When Ate=1 then ECHO ON and when Ate=0 then ECHO OFF.

At+cmgf is utilized to focus the content mode or PDU mode. When At+cmgf=1 then it is TEXT MODE and when At+cmgf=0 then it is PDU mode.

Sim300 key characteristics:

Features implementation

Power supply single supply voltage 3.4-4.5v

Power saving typical force utilization in SLEEP MODE upto 2.5ma

Recurrence bands • sim300 Tri band: Egsm900, Dcs1800, Pcs1900. The band could be set by AT summon and…

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