Taking a Look at Garden Cities

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Garden cities, whether the appropriate concept in sustainable urban planning?
It is widely acknowledged that Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City stimulated many significant urban design achievements in worldwide. Whether the theory is still suitable for sustainable urban planning in twenty-one century has been widely discussed. Some approvers argue that Howard provided the idea of self-sufficiency and limited growths still remain. However, the theory has been denounced because it is too idealistic, difficult to implement. Therefore, this paper will first review the original concept of Garden city, then examine legacy of the Garden Cities whether they have proved to be successful, sustainable places. The paper is divided into three parts. In the first section, the concept of Garden city will be first explained. In the second part, the discussion of Garden city concept will be presented. Then, case study on modern garden city will be described at last. The study shows, the ideas of Garden City have been widely misinterpreted, leading potential risks on environment. In addition, to some extent, the morphological model of Garden city is not appropriate any more due to vehicles dependency and new communication modes changed the planning concept.
The concept of Garden City
In Garden Cities of To-morrow, Howard (1902) provided a detailed discussion for new social and city reform. The overall goal for Howard is to combine the traditional countryside with the

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