Taking a Look at Gautama Buddha

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Buddha grew up as a sheltered child in a palace, in Nepal, to a royal family. He did not know that people were suffering in the world, outside of the bubble he lived in because his family sheltered him from that knowledge. When he was 29, he realized that luxury and wealth does not guarantee happiness, so he left his comfort zone and went out into the world. He wanted to discover what exactly did guarantee happiness and ended suffering. He studied religion and philosophy, trying to seek out the answers he needed. After six years of meditating and study, he finally found “the middle path” and was enlightened. When he became enlightened, he realized that all everyone needs is nirvana, which is the “blowing out” of attachments, aversions, and ignorance. He then began to teach others of how to become enlightened. From the standpoint of Buddha and through talking about his philosophies, I will argue that it is not morally justifiable to expend resources on luxuries, when others are in need of necessities. Reaching enlightenment is done by achieving nirvana. The two stages of nirvana are life and death. In the life stage, experiencing nirvana is being in a state of calm repose, tranquility, and indifference. Death stage is the extinction of remaining karma and the passing into parinirvana. If someone is not enlightened, then there is a continuation of the birth and…
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