Taking a Look at Gene Mapping

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Gene mapping is used to map the relative positions of genes on a chromosome using cross over frequency 1% recombinant frequency is equal to 1 map unit (mu). The order of gene and the relative distance between them is essential for mapping. Genetic markers are used to determine the location on the DNA. The study of gene mapping on humans allows understanding the structure, function and organization of DNA. Whereas on non-humans will provide the basic knowledge for comparative studies, that is critical to understand for more complex systems. Gene maps are relevant for industrial and medical senses. This is also known as much cost effective way to follow generations in short period. Genes involved in genetic inherited diseases will be identified and also they contribution to the diseases. (gene mapping ). This process along with Mendel’s inheritance study have (mendal pea plant references) largely contributed to locating genes that give rise to diseases. Austosmal resceeive disesas such as PKU (phenylketonuria), Sickel cell anemia , CF (cystic fibrosis). Austomal dominat diseases such as Huntington’s disease. It has been found that many diseases are caused by modification of single genes this is called “oligogenic”. This is the case for Drosophila fly was used in this experiment to study Mendlian inheritance. As Drosophila has a short life cycle limited days at room temperature it also has a high reproductive rate. This makes research slightly earier when understanding
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