Taking a Look at Genetic Inheritance

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Genetic Inheritance is what defines as whom we are as human beings. If it were not for genetics, we would not be able to understand why and how we possess some of our traits from past generations. How we receive these traits that we inherit from our parents or previous ancestors can be interpreted by Mendel’s Principle. Mendel had his theory when it came to dominance and segregation, was simply that he used probability to help define the laws of breeding and his reasoning for offspring. Gene factors or Alleles is a type of gene that carries out as a messenger for DNA to decide what traits we will be passed on to the next generation. This process that helps pass on DNA coding became aware by Mendel as well. Alleles are located or positioned on a chromosome to work as a message to perform their duties for carrier out distinctive traits, from a parent or to the next offspring. DNA purpose is to transmit our physical traits, by doing this they’re creating proteins within proteins inside the cell (Bailey, n.d). Have you ever wondered why you were born with your eyes or hair color? Many people ask this question to themselves at least once out there life. The answer is simply Genetic Inheritance, is a process of genes that are transferred through DNA offspring to pass on traits from our previous parents or over the course of past generations. DNA has evolved and made several contributions to the world of biology. Time has changed and so has technology as well, living in today’s
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