Taking a Look at Gestalt Therapy

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"What is Gestalt Therapy"? Gestalt therapy (GT) is a psychotherapeutic approach mostly identified and developed by Frederick S. (Fritz) Perls (1893–1970 and Laura Perls (1905-1990). Its orginators were influenced by Freud's psychoanalytic approaches, however moving toward existentialism in contrast to the typical Freudian technique.

Gestalt theory, is concerned with the whole person, encouraging a balance between body, feeling, intellect and imagination. The Gestalt approach in psychotherapy understands people as being inextricably linked with their environments, both affected by and affecting the context in which a person lives. Here and Now, experiments, creativity and imagination are concepts linked with the theory and practice of Gestalt.

Here are some philosphical assumptions in Gestalt therapy: It is a humanistic and existential approach that conveys people are growth oriented and have holism. It also empasises on human free-will and responsibilty. The term orgamism shows that it is impossible to separate the phsycical and psychological.

It is the primacy of field theory (in which we include the concepts of holism and organisimic self-regulation); phenomenology and dialogue - the three pillars supporting the standpoint of the Gestalt-based approach- that is the basis for a comprehensive process model of growth (Resnick 1995) The core motivation of Humans is by drive to staisy biolical and psycohlogical needs. Strving to regulate organism so it can grow. Self-
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