Taking a Look at Ghazan's Reforms and Time in Power

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When Ghazan came into power, the Ilkhanid kindom was in rough shape. The kingdom he inherits was in economical decline due to factors such as mismanagement and excessive taxes. Mostly in response to the economic decline, as well as some out of sincere benevolence, Ghazan enacted a series of wide-ranging reforms: increased construction projects; abolition of extraordinary taxes; improvement of gold and silver currency; establishment of single system of weights and measures tat was based on the tabriz system; purging parasitic thieves and bandits; creation of a separate royal troop; revise prenuptial agreement to a more modest amount; installation of baths and mosques in every village; young woman's right to not be sold to brothels without their consent; and punishment for public intoxication. The paper will explore Jami al-tawarikh, the main primary source, in which the author, Rashid al-Din, Ghazan's vizier, who helped draft these reforms with Ghazan Khan, gives a detailed account on the “economy before Ghazan, his reforms and their implementation”1 The paper will examine the aforementioned reforms by organizing it into subheadings, and will explore, to the best of its ability, the overall effect from these reforms according to the vizier and author, Rashid al-Din.
Increased Construction Projects Rashid notes that despite Ghazan's predecessors inclination toward building, they were ultimately neglected to two key reasons. Although the buildings were started, and a lot of

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