Taking a Look at Government Surveillance

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Government Surveillance Government Surveillance, a way that the government says that will keep you safe from foreign dangers like terrorist attacks, espionage, and perhaps a international war. However you have to sacrifice your private life, and business for increased protection and surveillance. Government surveillance, defined by dictionary.com as a noun that states “ Close observation or supervision maintained over a person, group, etc, especially one in custody or under suspicion”(Merriam-webster.com) the word was also taken from the French word surveiller that means to watch over and was adopted and changed as the English word surveillance. Government surveillance has been with us ever since the start of groups, dynasties, government and more. Back then, in the medieval ages like in the sixteenth century. Surveillance was hardly surveillance at all. Regular people paid by the enemy, or nation diplomats, or just amateur people looking for easy money, all mostly did it. As the timeline grows closer to the present. There are factors that have made up the system that now controversially exists in America as Government Surveillance. The Timeline starts in 1791, when the 13 colonies still existed. But are now rebelling against the British where in that year congress passed down the Bill of Rights and the fourth Amendment saying that it “protects every and any citizen of America the right to not be searched in house or work in unreasonable cases.” 137 years
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