Taking a Look at Greece

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All these factors have helped Greece grow as a country. Throughout history, various mountains such as Mount Olympus and seas such as the Mediterranean have played an important role in the development of Greece history and culture.
Greece is a country that is surrounded by mostly water, and the sea has played an important role in its history ( "Ancient Greek Colonization..”). The ancient Greeks were often known to be called “seafarers” looking for opportunities for trade and founding new coastal sites along the Mediterranean sea. Trading stations were the furthest outposts of Greek culture. At these trading stations, Greek goods, such as bronze, silver, olive oil, wine and pottery were exchanged for more luxurious items (“Ancient Greek Colonization..”). Also, well-established maritime routes around the Mediterranean sea enabled foreigners to travel to Greece. After the military campaign of Alexander the Great, a lot more intense trade routes were opened across Asia. These trade routes extended as far as Afghanistan and the Indus River Valley (“Ancient Greek Colonization..”). Not only did these trade routes help with trading goods, it always helped in introducing Greece to new cultures and in spreading Greek culture throughout Europe.The spread of these cultures can be known as cultural diffusion…

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