Taking a Look at Green Tea

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BACKGROUND Green Tea is a made from the leaves of the sinensis plant. The herb can be found in a variety of forms from teas to liquid and pills. This herb has been used throughout time to treat a variety of illnesses. According to multiple sources there are a variety of health benefits that green tea has on the body. From burning fat to curing cancers, green tea is hailed by many to have a positive impact on anyone who uses it. When looking in any magazine or TV show there is typically someone saying the health benefits of green tea. Everyone is on the green tea bandwagon, from Starbucks to Snapple with products that claim that by consuming or using the products customers will be health benefit of green tea. Green tea use has been recorded Chinese culture since the third century B.C. One story suggests that Shen Nung, a scholar and herbalist, was responsible for making the first tea accidently while boiling water under a tea tree. The story goes to say that the wind blew some of the leaves into the boiling water which flavoring the water from the leaves. Later there is documentation of green tea being used in the third century A.D. to aid in alertness and to resolve depression, digestive, and nervous difficulties. The Tang Dynasty of A.D. 618-906 is when steaming of the leaves became a custom. During this period of time ceremonies for making and consuming tea were created. There are multiple varieties of tea that can be made from the Camellia sinensis plant,
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