Taking a Look at Gun Control

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For the economy, I want to strengthen our economy by creating jobs for American workers by ending tax loopholes for corporations. Providing tax cuts to small businesses and investing in a clean-energy economy, while putting Americans to work will rebuild our infrastructure. I would start by providing stimulus for the economy by giving everyone money to spend. When everyone gets the money back, they will simply spend it on products that will put the money back into the economy and jump start the economy and production. I am against waivers for private colleges because it does not work for the less fortunate part of the economy that cannot afford a way of transportation, for their child to get to the private school. The economy needs to cut taxes on small businesses so that those small businesses can grow and growth is what America needs. Part of the way I wish to see America grow is by increasing to our military and keeping us safe, because if we do not insure our safety and security than our efforts to rebuild our economy would have been for nothing. Increasing our education and knowledge will be the first step to saving the economy. We need to prepare our children for success early. So, insuring that the next generations to follow have a working education system, that satisfies everyone person. The system would need to work for the teachers, the parents, and especially the students. Colleges need to be more affordable for students. President Obama already signed into law
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