Taking a Look at Gun Control

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The government has become lazy! This is very important because if anyone is allowed to buy a gun nowhere would be safe. People would not like leaving there home because they would feel unsafe and scared. The government needs to make sure the laws are being followed, that they have proper enforcement, and think about the effects on the people if they are too leaniant with the gun control laws. Gun laws are slowly getting less strict the effects of that are being shown today, gun laws should stay the same. If the laws are less strict more criminals will be able to buy guns which is bad. If the laws are even more strict then some people might not be able to buy guns to protect themselves and their homes. The government denied 126,000 people out of the 7,831,000 people who applied for them.(Longely) This shows that the government itself is becoming more lenient with gun control. The amount of people that weren't able to get guns were only “about 1.6 percent “ of the total amount.(Longely) The quote shows how the government is slowly denying less and less people so they are eventually going to stop denying altogether! The government needs to make their laws on gun control stay the same as the past, not let it drop more each year. The government has failed to pay attention to the fact that many states are not following the laws around gun purchasing. If more criminals are allowed to buy guns that could cause a lot more violence in the United States. The Associated Press
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