Taking a Look at Harp Lager

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1. Brand History.

Harp lager was launched in 1960. It was first brewed in the Great Northern Brewery in Dundalk. The drink was created under the guidance of Dr. Herman Muender who fused German beer knowledge with Irish brewing heritage. Harp which is now owned by the drinks company Diageo fast became the most popular lager brand in Ireland. When it was launched it was marketed as a new modern drink that would appeal to young males and females alike. It was a sister brand of Guinness which was associated with older men in the country. Slogans used in the initial marketing campaigns included “ Have you heard the call yet” and “Brewed in Ireland – naturally” evoking a sense of pride in the home brewed beer during the troubles in the country. It became the first mass marketed draught lager in Ireland and the UK. Harp remained successful through the 80s and into the 90s when some of its advertisements helped launch the careers of TV personalities such as Jonathan Ross. However, the brand never reached the same success it had in the 70s when it held the majority of the market share. The brand was re-launched in 1994 coinciding with the World Cup, sales rose by 12%. However this re-launch didn’t result in continued consumer loyalty and this boost soon subsided. Last year Diageo Ireland launched a new look for Harp larger with the aim to increase the brands relevance to larger drinkers. The new design was inspired by the Samuel Beckett bridge in Dublin the new look was meat to be

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