Taking a Look at High School Cliques

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In high school surviving is the hardest things to do, when anyone first come there. The best thing to do is finding a clique of people and join them. Finding different cliques are not that hard, but knowing who they are and adapting the environment is one of the hardest thing to do in high school. Finding a wrong clique can lead anyone straight down to a life of hell or worse. Students who entering high school can identify the types of cliques of student are in, and join up with whatever cliques that their find is good for them. For students who beginning to enter high school, they can identify the different types of cliques there are in the school. There are five different cliques, which are jocks, nerds, popular, artist, and the bad kids. Jocks are a bunch of kids who acts as if they are better than everyone else. The jocks wear jersey; while, they spend most of the time in the gym. The second clique are the nerds, whom are quiet to them and loud while they are in their groups. They dress in oddly fashion and they mostly sit in front of the classroom. The third clique are the popular kids tend to be loud and obnoxious, whom they think they are cooler and beautiful than everyone else. The clothes they wear are mostly expensive clothe like Hollister, A&F, and other popular brand clothing name. The way they talk is about how other people look and how they look. The forth clique are the artists, whom are quiet, where they dress in black color and sometimes-weird color. The

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