Taking a Look at Holden Vehicles

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The business then evolved over a period of years, developing from mending cars’ upholstery to the complete invention of automobile body shells. The company then became the exclusive dealer of American car manufacturer General Motors in Australia. By the year of 1920 Holden started to supply trams cars for Melbourne. On 1931, Holden merged with the American Car manufacturer, General Motors and become General Motors-Holden's Limited (GM-H). In 1936, Holden opened a new HQ and assembly plant at Fisherman’s Bend in Port Melbourne.
Holden was also considered as one of the only seven fully integrated global GM operations that designs, builds and sells vehicles for Australia and the world (Holden, 2010).
• Reason for The closure of the GM Holden.
Recently on 11 December 2013, Holden announced that it would stop production of Holden vehicles in Australia. The decision by the auto transnational signals a massive escalation in the assault on the living standards and social rights of the employed class across Australia. The entire Australian car industry aspects the potential of being liquidated, with hundreds of thousands of jobs destroyed.

The General Motors answered that the Australian Dollar, high cost of production, limited and small domestic market and possibly the extremely challenging and fragmented market in the world are the…

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