Taking a Look at Holocaust Revisionism

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Imagine a disaster that could completely wipe out all of those people. Believe it or not, there has been a catastrophe in history that killed a number of people equal to the population of Missouri. This event is known as the Holocaust. During this genocide, the Nazi party in Germany tried to eliminate the whole jewish population. In the process of doing so they killed some six million innocent people. The Nazi Party nearly wiped out the entire Jewish population, leaving very few to carry on with religion and personal accounts of living through the Holocaust. For generations the facts about the Holocaust have been taught so that nothing like this terrible event would ever happen again, but some people known as “revisionists” have tried to change, and even deny these facts to say that the Holocaust never happened. These people believe that the Holocaust was just the cruel effects of war instead of the worst genocide in world history that it was. People know a lot about the Holocaust and the events that took place within the camps based on research and the personal accounts of the survivors, so for a revisionist to claim that the Holocaust simply didn’t happen is unbelievable. The Holocaust, which happened between the years of 1933- 1945, was a genocide that caused a lot of suffering. The term Holocaust itself has a deeper meaning than just the word, its origin is Greek and the words “holos” (whole) and…

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