Taking a Look at Hopelessness

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When you think about hopelessness The first thing appears in your mind is you don’t have a goal or you cannot reach your dream or your plans falling down. When you saw a person who don’t care about Their life, their looks, and their close folks immediately you try to know what happened to this guy or girl. From life experiences you can recognize and know what is going on to the people who feel hopeless, but the true meaning that you have to know what hopeless mean.
You don’t know what hopeless mean at least if you had an experience with it, you can use a dictionary, but you cannot know the intrinsic meaning because the experiences are the only way to know any meaning of words. There are many things shows to me what hopeless mean. Social Situation, a lifestyle change, and Find the main reason for the occurrence of these changes.

Hopelessness is not that thing become in specific situations. For example: we can find people their social situation are completely different. Like some of them are rich, and some are poor, some are celebrities, and some are not famous. However there is a link between them they have all the possibility to expose to despair. some of rich and celebrities people do or have all what they want easily that made them feel like they don’t have a reason to continue their life they lose the goal and meaning of life, instead of that you will find some poor people living happily, suffer harshly for making a living, but they have the meaning of life.
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