Taking a Look at Howard Philips Lovecraft

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Howard Philips Lovecraft has been described by many as the father of the modern horror story. His works influenced many future horror writers and set the tone for heavy metal music and horror films from the 1960s to the 1990s. Much of this influence is based upon H. P. Lovecraft’s depiction of humanity in his stories. In the works of Howard Philips Lovecraft, the portrayal of humanity as an inconsequential piece of the universe that is unable to exact any meaningful change in the world due to its frail sanity and its inability to truly comprehend what is happening in its surroundings. is based upon H. P. Lovecraft’s personal philosophy and life experiences. When H.P. Lovecraft was three years old, his father was confined to a mental institution where he would die a few years later. With his father’s death, Lovecraft was cared for by his mother, two aunts, and his maternal grandfather. Lovecraft was an exceptionally intelligent child and by the age of six he would often read Gothic horror stories with his grandfather. Although he was extremely intelligent, Lovecraft did not regularly attend school until he was eight. H. P. was a sickly child and early in life began to suffer from terrible night terrors. While attending high school, Lovecraft suffered a nervous breakdown and never actually graduated. Following his departure from school, H. P. Lovecraft lived with his mother for several more years. During this period, he worked on writing poetry and short stories.

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