Taking a Look at Human Centered Design

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The course has taught me one major thing that has stuck with me- human centered design. From designing a bus library to watching a video concerning a team designing incubator to save lives, I have learnt that when you seek to really solve a problem you think you have identified, you must empathize to find out if first and foremost, it is really a problem and whether the problem you have identified is not a just a symptom of a deeper, covered problem. So whether the client gives you something to do and after going through the stages of human centered design, you realize that is not what they need, you give the users what they actually need. It has disabused my mind greatly of what I thought design to be. I taught design was all about aesthetics and making things look visually appealing. I am glad to have discovered that it transcends that into solving real world problems to make the world less cumbersome to live in. To begin with, I used to believe that circumstances are just the way they are and nothing can be done about them. For example, I did not know that the lives of patients who spent most of their time lying on their sick beds in hospitals could be made any better but with design, I realized that every inconvenience, no matter how little, can be removed and lives will be happier. It is refreshing to know that there was a more convenient and more personal way for patients in wheelchairs to communicate with the nurses who help them move around with something as simple
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