Taking a Look at Human Factors

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Human factors Human factors are an accumulation of human performance and behaviour. Normally it is viewed in a negative aspect, although it can also be very positive, such as flexibility. Human factors is very complex, that is why there are many types of model to describe human factors. One of these models is the “SCHELL model”, this model is used by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). What this means is that the model gives an idea of the overview of human factors. The SCHELL stands for: S = software (procedures, policy and other aspects of work design) C = Culture (organisational and cultural influencing interactions) H = Hardware (equipment, tools and other technology) E = Environment (environmental aspects in which work occurs) L = Liveware (human aspects of work) L = Liveware (the communication between co-workers at work) This model puts an emphasis how depended each individual behaviour or action is for how the system is shaped. Any failures and/or mishap between the components can lead to chaotic situations. As a military organisation or as an approved organisation, regular human factors skill based training programs must be offered. Also know as Maintenance Error Management (MEM) for maintenance personnel. The training should be based on providing safety critical staff with non-technical skills to manage consequences and prevention of human errors. This is to emphasise that making errors is normal and expected however the consequences are just as
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