Taking a Look at Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina will always be remembered for the devastation it caused, my close friends, the Adams family knows this better than anyone else. My family has been close friends with the Adams for nearly my whole life, the thing that stood out about them the most was their passion to help others and their obsession for the New Orleans Saints. The Adams have numerous relatives who live in Louisiana, including their parents on the father’s side. The parents live just twenty minutes south of New Orleans on a small farm. During Hurricane Katrina, when the levees were breached, water flooded the town and their farm. They lost what few livestock they owned and their home was damaged beyond repair due to the high flood waters. The couple had to seek shelter on their roof until help could arrive. Meanwhile, the Adams family had no way of contacting them to ensure that they were alright and worried for almost a week. Finally, almost a week had passed before the parents were able to contact our friends, the Adams. After the parents were rescued from the roof of their flooded house, they were taken to the Superdome that housed thousands of other helpless victims. The only reason the parents had chosen not to evacuate the city like most other residents is because they both had survived Hurricane Camille in 1969 and Hurricane Andrew in 1992 with minor damage. Also the parents could not bear to abandon their livestock, which was their main source of income. After staying in the Superdome

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