Taking a Look at IKEA

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1. Introduction IKEA is a privately held Swedish company registered in Netherlands, international home products retailer that sells ready-to-assemble furniture at affordable prices. The 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad, who was listed as the world richest man in 2013, is the IKEA founder. IKEA stands for Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd (his farm name) and Agunnaryd (his townhome). IKEA history are over six decades, it’s when they went from the woods of Sweden to a most popular retail experience in the 40 countries and territories around the world. IKEA story starts in 1926, when Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA. Ingvar was born in southern Sweden when he was thinking of developing a new business. IKEA Time Line 1920s IKEA founder, Ingvar Kamprad, is born. 1940’s IKEA is founded by Ingvar Kamprad aged 17 in Sweden.Ingvar Kamprad is entrepreneurial in developing IKEA to a furniture retailer. 1950s Production on IKEA cataloged and it was advertised in a local newspaper. 1960s First IKEA stores are opened outside Sweden in Denmark and Norway. 1970s Stores was opened in Austrlia, Canada, Austria, and Netherlands. 1980s IKEA was expanding into new markets such as US, Italy, UK and France. 1990s IKEA was concentrating on the needs of families and children, it has launched the Children’s IKEA, the IKEA group is formed ad it was doing a great business in that period. Stores were opened in Hungary, Poland, UAE, Spain and china. 2000s IKEA expands

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