Taking a Look at Information Obesity and Management

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The challenge of today knowledge society is to control, organize and manage the information which is enormous in its growth both in print and also in digital. The advent of technology embraces the information industry to stretch its wings till sky. It also finds ways and means such as semantic web, data mining etc. to combat information overload and participate in the user navigation process. The end user should be always aware in locating the quality information and enhance his/her knowledge. This article tries to analyze the critical issue and the utmost need of instructional role to be performed by librarians and educators in imparting thinking skills. Keywords: Information overload, questioning, knowledge workers, IORG. Introduction Every human being right from the childhood asks questions to explore the world. Without questions, learning can never happen. Without learning, knowledge creation stops. So, we do ask questions in the interest of knowing something new. The great scientist Einstein says, “The important thing is to never stop questioning”. Figure : 1 Keep Questioning ! Figure : 2 Flow of process from Ask to Create Always questions are posed for want of information. The right information makes the human beings intellectual thinkers

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