Taking a Look at Interpersonal Attraction

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It refers to positive and negative feelings towards one another. Since most people desire relationships of some form, be it platonic friendship or romance, these are common essentials, which make interpersonal attraction a major topic within social psychology. Since it is such an important topic, this essay will discuss what attraction is and what determines it. Social traits are important aspects in attraction and according to Hume (1757), attraction is biased since it is 'in the eye of the beholder'. However, researchers have defined attraction objectively through a variety of social factors and theories and answered the question “what draws us into these "relationships"? “What makes another person attractive”? Researchers have identified five factors that are important in determining whether we are likely to find another person attractive. These factors are physical attractiveness, proximity, pheromones, mutual attraction or liking, similarity or complementarity of interest and beliefs.
I chose this topic because of my current relationship. I am the kind of girl who likes to go into relationships with friends I have known for a long time but all of that suddenly changed when I met my boyfriend. I have to admit, he is very attractive. Everybody that has seen him knows that he is very attractive but that was not what drew me to him so the question is “why did I like him”? We met at…
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