Taking a Look at Ireland

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Country Background and Overview

“Dublin, Ireland earned a reputation for its breathtaking beauty, warming friendliness, unique culture, and explosive social events. Dublin was officially established in 988 A.D. Scholars debate whether it existed since the second century, because of records showing its development as a city when it was named Eblana. In fact, ancient artifacts, wall structures, and buildings reveal the earliest records of the Norman Vikings settlement before its capture by the Danes during the 9th century. An upheaval ensued by Irish insurrectionists that overwhelmed the Danes on several occasions over the course of three centuries. The Anglo-Normans finally ousted the Danes in 1171 with the leadership of Henry the Second, King of England.” (www.useofqrcodes.com/the-history-of-dublin-ireland.html)
For most of the 17th century, Dublin remained a deserted medieval city with a massive wall that kept out enemies. Dublin overcame a break down of its populace during the mid-16th century, and rose with an exponential growth during the Protestant refugee movement at the end of the 17th century. Over the course of the next century, Dublin grew its overall success and became the second city of the British Empire. On top of that, the increasing wealth made Dublin an attracted the Protestant Ascendancy, the former Anglo-Irish aristocracy who denied the local Roman Catholics their civil rights.
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