Taking a Look at Ireland

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Project Proposal

The country I’m choosing for my Sophomore English Research Paper is Ireland. I’m choosing this country because I want to be able to research and learn more about their religion, culture, etc. A recent problem in Ireland is Ireland is asking unemployed citizens to move away. The Irish government is sending letters to almost 6,000 unemployed people, asking them to take jobs in other countries. Although the Irish government is sending these letters, no one is being forced to leave the country. This topic has intreged me and wanting to research more on this country.

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In Ireland, “Leinster has the highest population at 2,295,123 with it’s capital being Dublin” (Irish Welcome Tours). The population in Galway is about 504,121. Ireland has become a island shortly after the last ice age which was about 10,000 years ago, so Ireland has few plants and animal species. There is only about 26 mamal species, “that are native to Ireland” (Irish Welcome Tours). In Ireland there are 32 natural habitats preserves, even for large animals.

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In Ireland, “Ireland slipped ito
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