Taking a Look at Islam and Judaims

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Introduction Apart from Christianity, Islam and Judaism are two of the most influential religions in the world, particularly in the Middle East. Although Judaism is not as large as Islam, it has impacted on the world in a profound manner. While it’s quite evident that both Islam and Judaism appear to be having conflicting differences in terms of their doctrines, they are both know as Abrahamic religions because they share a common origin in the Middle East through Abraham in the Hebrew Bible. Nevertheless, Judaism is often considered to be the oldest of all the Abrahamic religions. Most ethnographers have been more interested in understanding on how the convictions between the two religions compare, based on their religious believes about God, afterlife, the universe and people. This can be attributed to the fact that the conflict between Islam and Judaism has been viewed as a result of irreconcilable clash of religious doctrines. But, I do not believe that this is really the case. This essay will focus on drawing a comparison between Judaism and Islam so as to establish the similarities and differences that exist between them. The comparison will then be used to support my opinion based on the ides that these religions can live together peacefully and that they are not destined for perpetual conflict.
There are several doctrines and historical events that can be linked to the two religions. Both Islam and Judaism believe in the existence of one creator
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