Taking a Look at Islamic Architecture

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History of Islamic Architecture
In 630C.E the city of Mecca was re-conquered by Muhammad’s army from the Banu Quraish tribe. Before Muhammad’s death they began rebuilding the holy ka’ba and rededicated it to Islam in 632C.E by a shipwrecked Abyssinian carpenter in his native style. Then in the 7th century the number of people joining Islam increased tremendously, so they needed a place to worship God in, they needed a mosque. The simple layout provided to them was the same layout as the prophet’s house. Actually till now mosques are built in the same way. The first Islamic buildings were built by Greek architects who were living in the area when Arabs conquered it and that’s why the building look a lot a like the Romans Empire buildings. Early Islamic religious architecture, exemplified by Dome of the Rock (ad 691) in Jerusalem. It was highlighted by a large dome center stage and decorated with vivid patterns along the walls. Another example would be the great mosque in Damascus which had influences from both the hypostyle design which contains several rows of columns that hold together a flat base beneath a swirly minaret.. These two premium examples of Islamic architecture are both highly valued for their rich history and resemblance to the time of their existence.
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