Taking a Look at Jimmy Doolittle

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Jimmy Doolittle James Doolittle has accomplished many things that make his name stand out in history. Also with these accomplishments he had gained international fame and different title. He is consider a daredevil because he has performed the outside loop; a plane trick never attempted and successfully performed and also he flew air show while having two broking ankle. He is also consider a great aviator and a great commander because of the way he race in planes and broke some records at the same time and because of the way he led the successful Doolittle Raid. Also had help change the world of aviation by working with a crew to design a plane with navigational devices that would help pilot fly their planes in climate that people use to think that it was too dangerous to fly in. But sadly on September 27, 1993, James H. Doolittle died in Pebble Beach, California at the age of ninety- six and is now buried at Arlington National Cemetery. James Harold Doolittle was born on December 14, 1896, in Alameda, California. He spent most of his youth with his mother in California while his father was in Nome, Alaska looking for gold. When he was three, Jimmy went with his mom to join his dad in Nome, where he learned how to fight off bullies and drive a dogsled. But at the age of eleven James Doolittle went back to Los Angeles with his mother where he went to high school and had an interest in flying. He then enrolled at the University of California’s School of

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