Taking a Look at Joan of Arc

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For centuries women have been discriminated against and perceived as either housewives or maids.There have been so many stereotypes suggesting that some women actually believe they are inferior to men. The actuality of this is women are capable of most things men can do and even more. One of the absolute greatest examples of this theory was Joan of Arc. She started a movement that most men could never dream of creating. Without her France might have submitted to English rule centuries ago. Joan of Arc was a courageous, divine woman who altered French history and even influenced many of today’s events. FIrst, before comprehending Joan’s significance one must understand the environment in which she grew up. Almost eighty years before Joan was born, Edward III of England refused to give respects to Phillip VI of France. As a result of this intolerable act Phillip VI withdrew the lands of Aquitaine, which were given as a gift, from the English. When news of this “thievery” reached Edward III he angrily claimed himself king of the French. Conflicts between the Kingdom of England and the French Empire escalated. By 1337 war was declared and the Hundred Years’ War began. The Hundred Years’ War is divided into three different phases resulting from treaties and conflicts. These three phases are The Edwardian Era War, The Caroline War, and The Lancastrian War. Joan spent most of her life during The Lancastrian War (English decline in France). In 1415, King Henry V of England defeated

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