Taking a Look at Lake Ontario

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Description of your tour stop – 3 marks
With a lake depth of 86m and is 1.5% of the world's fresh water, Lake Ontario is one the five Great Lakes located on the borders between the United States and Canada. As the name suggests, this Lake Ontario is in the province of Ontario as well as the state of New York. As one of the Great Lakes, the lake provides many with fresh water (once it has been filtered). When starting from left to right, Lake Ontario is the last lake in the chain of Great Lakes through links of small bodies of water. It is also linked to the St. Lawrence River which is connected with the Atlantic Ocean. This lake also serves as a harbour to cities that are situated around it which are used for importation and exportation purposes.

History and Background – 3 points x 2 marks each = 6 marks
Originating from the Glacial Lake Iroquois 13000 years ago, Lake Ontario was only a portion of Lake Iroquois. Like many other lakes, these lakes were formed through the process of glaciation. During this process, the advancing glaciers began to carve out Earth's crust and as the glaciers receded, the water filled the carved out spots that were previously created. The lake was exceptionally popular for trade after the war of 1812 as Lake Ontario had canals built. It was a location of commerce for many until the construction of the railway. Lake Ontario was first visited and named by Samuel de Champlain who called it Lac de St. Louis in 1632. Afterwards, the lake was dubbed
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